Love Through A Letterbox

Mental Health Charity Supporting Humanity launched a campaign ‘Love through a letterbox’. A letter writing project involving school children writing to the elderly in care homes to help bridge the generational gaps, connect people and bring happiness to those feeling isolated and lonely.

The campaign involved six primary schools across three boroughs including Newham, Redbridge and Epping Forest. Children from year 4 to year 6 were encouraged by teachers in class to write a letter, poem, song or even just draw a lovely piece which can then be handed to an elderly patient living in a care home. The letters were accompanied with some small tokens for the residents including a teabag to enjoy while reading their letters!

The aim of the campaign was to help combat loneliness which many people have felt in this pandemic and were a huge success.

Here is some feedback received and just a few of the beautiful letters drafted:

‘ of the residents, an old gentleman who got a letter carries it everywhere and has shown it to everyone he has seen. He keeps asking people to read it to him, he has asked to speak to the Charity as he is so happy’