Children’s Mental Health Week

To kick off Children’s Mental Health Week on the 1st February 2021, Supporting Humanity partnered up with jump rope coach influencer Rush Athletics to tackle mental health in the pandemic and help get families participating in activities together.

The theme was ‘express yourself’ and what better way than to learn to express yourself through skipping! The charity came up with a novel idea to help young people and children as well their families to learn a new skill whilst addressing issues they may have yet not know how to deal with. There are a huge number of benefits with skipping including mental clarity and stimulation, boost of energy and release of good endorphins.

Mental health rocketed in the pandemic and with the lack of social contact and interaction people have and are finding it harder and harder to deal with such issues - services have been cut in the lockdown and people have been afraid to go out even to hospital appointments for the fear of catching COVID-19.

Supporting Humanity chose Skipping as one of the very few sports that people can do solo and gain huge benefits physically and mentally. Young people and children in particular love skipping and there are so many skills and tricks to learn through this activity.

Increases energy Regular physical activity such as skipping increases the blood-flow throughout your body and improves your cardiovascular health and fitness – this allows for more blood and oxygen to get to the body providing you with more energy in your everyday life.

• Reduces anxiety - jumping rope can help people with panic disorders and other anxiety conditions skipping and can be a proactive way to release pent-up tensions and reduce feelings of fear and worry

• Improves Mental Sharpness – Skipping helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain which further enhances spacial awareness, improves reading skills, increases memory and makes you more mentally alert

• Reduces Stress – skipping with intensity produces endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers The campaign got international attention and you can watch the media coverage on Sky and ITV here.